Who We Are

Here's a scenario for you. You are the mother of a newborn. Maybe this is your first time and you don't know the ABC of shopping for infants. Of course, you have the option of following your mother's advice and getting the linens for your child that was in fashion thirty years ago. But who wants that? Your child is the apple of your eye and you understandably want the best.

Vithika Poddar understands your dilemma. She was in the same spot when she was shopping for her first child. Facing a multitude of problems, from the lack of good quality and designs to absence of the right sizes, she decided to take the matter in her hands. Being born into a family in the textile business, she was able to understand certain issues that other parents weren't aware of.

"I believe in enhancing comfort and developing a product that's on the cutting-edge of fashion" is how Vithika defines her aesthetic. Needless to say, all the products are made of 100% cotton, soft and made with bright colours. What's more, these one-of-a-kind baby creations are fashioned with elegant and attractive designs keeping children in mind.

With a range of Rs. 250 to Rs. 10000 for a product, the premium Oyster Kids range is aimed at parents who want something different for their children. Whether you want your kid's photo on his baby blanket or her name embroidered on her storage bag, you'll get it right here.

Upgrading from bed linens, accessories and utilities, Oyster Kids has just added a range of furniture and room decorations with consultation. So, now you have the option of adding a unique touch to your kid's rooms.

"It was pretty tough at the beginning," Vithika adds with a smile. Her business started off quite humbly with simple bed sheets and bed covers. But soon it was rising with leaps and bounds and a host of custom-made products for kids were in the picture. Cushions carry bags, quilts, storage bags; everything you could possibly name and many things you never knew existed. But this was just the start for Oyster Kids, a luxury brand for children.

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